HPCG Performance List announced at ISC 2023

HPCG Performance List announced at ISC 2023

The new HPCG Performance List was announced at the ISC 2023 event in Hamburg Conference Center in Hamburg, Germany. The session entitled Highlights of the 61th TOP500 List took place on Monday, May 22, 2023.

The majority of the HPCG results are now integrated in the TOP500 list. The 19th HPCG Performance List of results contains the complete collection of the submissions, some of which might have not made it into the official TOP500 list due to a number of factors such as a low HPL benchmark result or a missed deadline for the TOP500 submission.

This is the nineteenth list produced by running the HPCG benchmark, which was designed to complement the traditional High Performance LINPACK (HPL) benchmark used by the TOP500 team as their official metric for ranking world's largest systems. The first HPCG list was announced at ISC 2014 over eight years ago, and contained only 15 entries. Since then, HPCG list was released bi-annually and the number of entries has steadily increased as the new results became available. The current list contains over 100 entries, as HPCG continues to gain traction in the HPC community.

These 100+ systems from the HPCG list are also ranked by TOP500. However, the HPCG ranking continues to provide a significantly different ordering of the machines when compared to the TOP500 ranking. Fugaku system from Japan continues leading the list with 16 Pflop/s of achieved performance. This result is slightly higher then ORNL's Frontier score of 14 Pflop/s. This is the prominent reversal of ranking between the TOP500 and HPCG lists.

Summary highlights from the 19th HPCG list include:

  • The Fugaku housed at RIKEN continues as the #1 system followed closely by Frontier housed at ORNL.
  • Both LUMI and Leonardo have updated HPCG results showing the potential of improving the submission after the intial appearance.
  • With an updated result, Leonardo claimed 4th spot after it overtook Summi.
  • All top-10 systems, except for one, now feature over 1 Pflop/s.

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